The Good Guy List

by Russ Vanderboom

TheThe Good Guy List is a simple loving gift bestowed upon twin brothers to help them embrace a world bent upon keeping them from those they love most. The Good Guy List is key to the brothers' survival in the quest for justice, peace and redemption as they come of age during the challenging '60s. David and Patrick Joyce want nothing more than to live together as family. With their mother deep in depression after the untimely death of their father, not even the kind and loving intercession by their village of aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends from their church can keep both twins at home on the farm.

While David remains in North Freedom dairying and building a hugely successful business in Holstein genetics, Patrick becomes an exile from his Wisconsin home, living first with relatives along the shores of Lake Michigan in Indiana, and then following opportunities to play football for the University of Colorado Buffaloes and later studying in Europe.

The brothers cross paths as they come of age and travel the world, each finding love, and both learning the bitter emptiness of loss. Justice and salvation eludes them, however, until they embrace a redeeming gift shared among their greater family, a simple prayer called The Good Guy List.

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