Nobody's Angel

by Melissa McNallan

Nobody'sIt's hard to be a Munson in Harmony, Montana. Even harder, being an Indy in Ma Sue's house where margaritas, cigarettes, and microwave meals reign. Independence Angel Munson lucks her way out of both Harmony and her grandma, Ma Sue's house when her dad brings his girlfriend Lydia home for a visit.

After her mom passed on, her dad left town for the open road. On occasion, he'd stop on home with stories of his adventures. Indy couldn't wait to get out into the world and live some stories of her own. Indy's dad and Lydia invite her to join them on the road, she jumps at the chance. Her days become filled with pool hustling, magazine and romance novel reading, and boy meeting.

Out on the road, Indy learns that some stories cost more than others. In order to get by and make a life, there are some things she'll have to abandon.

"I'm ready to leave his too long glances and the broken tiles of Hotel Bradenton behind."

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