Jeva the Snowgirl: Perfectly Made

by Tracy Kennedy

JevaWhen my daughter was young, she became very sick. One night after a long day at the hospital, she asked me a tough question: “Mommy, why did my Maker create me this way? What good am I?” This broke my heart. That night, I prayed and found this answer. Every part of a child is like a snowflake, wonderfully and uniquely made. Much like how snowflakes form the foundation for a snowman, individual uniqueness is the foundation for each child. Even so, as anyone who has ever built a snowman knows, it is not the snowflakes alone that creates a snowman. The maker is essential in its creation. Every snowman, like every child, is created to delight its Maker. In their Maker's eyes, they are perfectly made. This story is for any child who feels different, strange, or downright weird, whether from interests, illness, or capabilities. My prayer is that every child finds a comfort within this story: that they are perfect just the way they are.

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