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RyanRyan Rhodes is a freelance writer and editor who has written nearly 200 articles in the information technology (IT) market space. He also has more than ten years worth of weekly newspaper humor columns to his credit, and can refer to himself as an "award winning columnist," although that's a term that can only be applied very loosely.

A life spent writing IT articles is not one that lends itself to interesting anecdotes, so Ryan spends a lot of time inadvertently doing really stupid things that eventually become humor column topics. For example, Ryan once detonated a grenade in his parents' backyard and received a glancing blow from an oncoming train, to list just two of his more infamous acts of glaring stupidity.

A life spent growing up in rural Southeastern Minnesota also provided a treasure trove of humor material, such as being carried by a sow by his groin for several feet and snapping an electric fence in two using only his chest after sprinting headlong into the voltage charged wire.

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